Sergey Kuchmistov

CTO, co-founder

"The first time I used Ruby on Rails in 2012. High development speed, efficiency, scalability. Our team using these opportunities and glad that each new version gets better and better."

Tim Ermak

CEO, co-founder

"No one needs an unused project. Your success in priority for us. We strive to share all the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years for common purpose."


Talented Raisintech's professionals create applications that help millions of people.


Create conditions for the effective teamwork of engineers on complex projects.

Core Values

Trust and Respect: We value people for their deeds, regardless of culture, religion or tradition.

Result-oriented: It's impossible to return time back. We are focused on the result.

Open source: We are engaged in teaching and open source to make development world better.

We are hiring

Full Stack Ruby Developer